Team 3000
TEAM 3000 is a supportive cohort of prelicensed members working toward licensure. Some of us are in graduate school, some are interns working on accumulating the 3,000 hours required for licensure and others are at the last step of studying for the licensing exams.

TEAM 3000 meets monthly, the third Friday of the month at the end of normal chapter membership meetings. In the event of an all day workshop we do not meet.  It’s an informal gathering facilitated by the SDNC-CAMFT Board’s Prelicensed Representative. The agenda is determined by the participants. Topics range from how to get internships, supervision issues, exam-taking strategies, planning to enter private practice and more.

Other specifically prelicensed member meetings are scheduled throughout the year and include a range of topics such as finding an internship, the road to licensure, testing, and how to market yourself as a clinical professional.  These meetings are held on the first or fourth Friday of the month from 9-11 am at National University in Carlsbad, where our monthly chapter meetings are also held.  The format of the meetings invite questions from attendees and may consist of panels of fellow prelicensed members or speakers from organizations such as CAMFT.

Membership for prelicensed individuals costs only $35/year with your membership start date commencing on the date that you pay.  Roughly one third of our chapter members are prelicensed members, who benefit from our educational programming, networking opportunities, and participation in our professional clinical community.  So we invite you to join our chapter and add your voice to this vibrant and determined group of individuals traveling the path to licensure.

Our Team 3000 Forum is an online network where prelicensed members share ideas, information, questions and concerns with other chapter members experiencing the same challenges.  So we invite you to make the most of your SDNC-CAMFT membership by adding your voice to this vibrant and determined group of individuals traveling the path to licensure. 

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"I think the speakers and the Team 3000 Networking group are exceptional. Keep up the great work in planning these and asking for feedback!"

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